Arnie Watkins

Arnie Watkins Is an American Travel Photographer, Model, And Creative Director Based In Los Angeles.

Best known for his unique style and creative editing, Arnie excels in travel, portrait, landscape and aerial photography. Arnie's work has been featured in malls, stores, and magazines around the world.

Over the last 12 months, Arnie has helped over a dozen brands with their marketing campaigns, including Gillette, Nike, Chobani, Armani Exchange, DJI, GrubHub, ALO Yoga, as well as car companies such as Audi. Arnie’s experience gives him the ability to seamlessly integrate brands into his cohesive visual aesthetic that permeates throughout all of his content.

Arnie stumbled upon this career through a hobby that began with Filming Wakeboarding as a teenager. Having travelled to different countries, he found a passion to document the wonderful diversity and vibrance in landscape, culture and people with his camera. having filmed with the biggest artists and worked with some of the leading brands in the world.

Arnie left his full time Wakeboard career to combine his hobbies of globe-trotting and photography into a professional career. Arnie now produces visual content and supports marketing campaigns for brands and organizations worldwide.